Write for Us!

Wow, we’re honored that you’re considering writing for this unofficial web site. We can’t pay anything, because this site makes no real money, but you can have fun and get some page views and publication credits.

If you prefer more traditional journalism, and a stipend, visit our official site here.

Otherwise, let’s entertain and inform the Internet and pound out some great works for this site.

You must use a real byline and not violate any laws, but we will post satire or edgier news stories here.

We prefer Word files and photos/art to be JPGs. Contact us at editor@cccnews.info with your stories, photos and ideas, or just send us what you have and we’ll take a look.


One thought on “Write for Us!

  1. I have a question to ask of you, as I’m an author and independent researcher.
    Question: What issues of social or political importance would you say are currently of interest to your students?

    After seeing your answer, I would like to write something for you, but as I’m not a recent graduate, yours truly is most likely disqualified from that.

    Best Regards,

    Mike Stagman

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